jurlique blend oil中文意思是什麼

jurlique blend oil解釋

  • jurlique: 茱麗
  • blend: vt vi (blended blent ) 混合,攙合,混雜,摻雜;融合調和。 blend the ingredients in a recipe 按...
  • oil: n 1 油;油類;油狀物〈一般是不可數名詞,表示種類時則用 pl 如:vegetable and animal oils 植物油和...

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  1. A match is sufficient to set ablaze the lumber yard or the oil depot.

  2. The investigation of characteristics of oil shock absorber

  3. We have abundant oil seeds to sell.

  4. This paper shows that favourable oil - pool - forming condition can be found in linnan sag. there are three main kinds of subtle oil - gas - pools : up - acclivity pinch - out sandstone, lenticle and fault - stratigraphy subtle oil - gas pools

    沙三下沙三中(旋迴c3和旋迴c4 )時期是尋找巖性圈閉的最有利層序。
  5. This is the most precious geoflair oil blend for very dry and mature skin. it provides intense firming effects and revitalizes, thanks to an exotic blend of precious oils like rose, jasmine and neroli. it gives your face an immediate lifting and glowing effect