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  • jus: n (pl jura ) 〈拉丁語〉1 法;法律,法律制度。2 法律的原則;法律保證的權力[權利]。n 〈法語〉汁液...

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  5. And then, based on the feature of the guarantee legal system, present value trend of jus rerem and the study about the expecting right ' s theory, this essay suggest that the equitable mortgage in mainland china should be changed and absorbed into the hypotheca law system, and explain the rationality and necessity of the suggestion. after that, this essay also suggests to improve the rules and regulations about the equitable mortgage in mainland china by refering to hong kong ' s successful experiences about it. finally, this essay intends to set up an outline of law system for the equitable mortgage in mainland china so as to make it ruled by law