just tuning中文意思是什麼

just tuning解釋

  • just: adj 1 公正的,正值的;公平的,正義的。2 恰當的;適當的;應得的。3 正當的,合法的。4 合理的,有充...
  • tuning: n. 1. 【音樂】調音[弦]。2. 【無線電】調諧;收聽。

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  1. In nine years of living just outside siena, aaron jastrow had never attended a palio.

  2. Abidance by honesty, faith, just competition, equivalent exchange, opposing monopolization and other morals criterion are also inside request of market economy

  3. For nearly 21 years after his resignation as prime minister in 1963, he abjured all titles, preferring to remain just plain ‘ mr

    1963年辭掉總理后,近21年來他放棄了所有稱號,只保留了一個平常的稱呼『先生』 。
  4. This is just an abstract of the case.

  5. It has to sit in a bath of liquid helium cooled to just a fraction of a degree above absolute zero ( - 273 c ) in order to work

    為了能夠運行, 「獵人」不得不被放置在有液態氦溶液中,裏面的溫度只比絕對零度( 273 c )高一點點。