k mart中文意思是什麼

k mart解釋
adj. 形容詞 廉價的,樸實無華的。

  • k: (pl Ks K s; ks k s )1 英語字母表第十一字母。2 K字形物體[記號]。3 一個序列中的第十一〈若 J 略去...
  • mart: n. 1. 〈詩、古〉市場。2. 商業中心地。3. 拍賣場。

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  2. The maximum entropy principle were used to follow population : ( 1 ) mutiallel population in all population that have the given gene distribution, the equilibrium population entropy reach it ' s maximum, the maximum entropy more than 0, and less than 2 nk ( k is the number of the allel ), and maximum entropy equal two times of the same locus gene entropy

    ( 1 )復等位基因群體對具有同一基因庫的復等位基因位點,用最大熵證明了該位點所對應的所有群體中,平衡群體的基因型熵最大,其數值大於等於0 ,小於等於21nk (這里k為該位點等位基因數目) ,且等於該位點基因庫熵的兩倍。
  3. The analysis of the effect of n, p and k on amylose content

  4. And to the one who orders his conduct aright k i will show the salvation of god.

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