• k: (pl Ks K s; ks k s )1 英語字母表第十一字母。2 K字形物體[記號]。3 一個序列中的第十一〈若 J 略去...
  • series: n 〈sing pl 〉1 連續;系列。2 套;輯;叢刊;叢書。3 【生物學】區;族。4 【植物;植物學】輪;列;...
  1. Borat became a phenomenon in the u. k. with the comedy series " da ali g show, " in which baron cohen s outlandish humor and razor - sharp satire on anti - semitism, misogyny and racism, came to life through his creation s bizarre behavior and interviews

    波叔話自己系一名來自哈薩克的新聞記者,據說,他靠著賣炸彈給鄰國,先籌到5 , 000美金?多,從家鄉走到老遠的美國,拍攝一騎呢紀錄片。
  2. Partnered with renowned designers including ranee k and karen lee to launch a series of accessories and jewelry for brides. each piece of jewelry is an expression of designers love feeling

    最先登場的包括本地著名時裝設計師ranee k及著名珠寶設計師karen lee所推出的結婚首飾頭飾系列,每件首飾均充分表現出設計師對愛情及婚姻的細膩觸覺。
  3. See the standard range table for wide plus k series universal pressure transmitter

    見wideplus - k系列通用壓力變送器標準量程表
  4. Generally, the euclidean distance and k - means algorithm can be used to clustering the time series, but it is hard to separate the time series with great different variability well

  5. It uses dry type pressure survey technology without intermediary fluid and bring into full play technical superiority of the sensor, so wide plus k series universal pressure transmitter has outstanding technical performance

    它採用無中介液的乾式壓力測量技術,充分發揮了傳感器的技術優勢,使wideplus - k系列通用壓力變送器具有優異的技術性能。