KA, ka=kiloampere. n. 名詞 〈埃及語〉【宗教】(古埃及人或偶像的)靈魂,鬼魂,陰魂。


    1. Bassist wong ka keung said, " after all that we have done, we are disappointed that no one has tried to follow in our footsteps and emulate our success

    2. The veteran actor stars as poon ka fai, a hong kong character actor whose bitterness and criticism of the territory s flagging film industry have left him off the short list of top actors. still, ka fai is devoted to his craft, and is respected by many fans, including faye ng newcomer huo si yan, a fledgling extra stuntwoman actress who ingratiates herself into ka fai s life

      Dvd13首霍元甲11月的蕭邦千萬製作全mv周杰倫不但為電影霍元甲創作及演唱歌曲,更親自執導此曲的music video ,在畫面中傑倫帥氣秀出locking武扇舞,大膽耍三截棍,大器英姿鐵定讓歌迷們尖叫。
    3. Shortly after 6. 45 am, a private car was found bumped into the anti - crash barrier at the junction of clear water bay road and ka shue road. upon seeing this, a taxi failed to stop and then rammed the rear part of the vehicle

    4. The pain got worse and worse. his heart couldn ' t stand it. his neighbors watched helplessly as cai ' s face went pale. then ? ? ka ! they heard the death rattle in cai ' s throat

      傷口越來越疼,他的心臟再也承受不了了。鄰居們眼看著他的臉越來越蒼白卻無能為力。然後? ?咔!他們聽到他的喉嚨里發出了最後一聲。
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