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  1. At present, comprehensive exploitation and construction of kela no. 2 gas field has been initiated, and tarim oil field will continue to expand gas - containing area and gas reserves of kuche - tabei area of tarim basin, increase total verified geological reserves to 1 trillion m3, and finally form an annual production capacity of 30 billion m3 to guarantee stable gas supply for 30 years starting from the next year for the project to transmit gas from china ' s west to east

  2. Gentleman of si kela case reported british oakland university 1985, the refined sugar in daily life is absorbed overmuch, also be the main factor that causes cholelith disease

  3. The application and characteristics of the automatic meters system of kela 2 gas field were reviewed in this paper, referable experience and data were gained for large - scale gas field ( condensate field ) of tarim oil field, and some valuable advices were given for the routine maintenance and manage of the automatic system

  4. Physical simulation of the effect of faults on migration and accumulation of kela 2 gas field

  5. Based on these research, we analyzed gas deposit formation character of kuche depression and concluded three kinds of gas deposit formation model. they are : kela 2 model, kela 3 model ; tuzfluoke model