n. 名詞 1. 萬花筒。
2. 萬花筒般千變萬化的情景。


    1. Two : a kaleidoscope of a coiffeur, for the barking - mad pet crusader

    2. Provided with a case of pencils, and some sheets of paper, i used to take a seat apart from them, near the window, and busy myself in sketching fancy vignettes, representing any scene that happened momentarily to shape itself in the ever - shifting kaleidoscope of imagination : a glimpse of sea between two rocks ; the rising moon, and a ship crossing its disk ; a group of reeds and water - flags, and a naiad s head, crowned with lotus - flowers, rising out of them ; an elf sitting in a hedge - sparrow s nest, under a wreath of hawthorn - bloom

    3. Southwest - facing units enjoy seaviews and the adjoining mountain ranges, with rare full victoria harbour views plus the kowloon peninsula. on special occasions, a kaleidoscope of decorative lights and spectacular firework displays are also yours to enjoy. in addition, the open space immediately in front of scenic view is planned to be a leisure park

    4. I should want to see the pageant of man ' s progress, the kaleidoscope of the ages

    5. The oceans boast world - class diving with a kaleidoscope of fish patrolling sprawling reefs and creaking shipwrecks