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  1. By the end of 1998, minerals that had been discovered, confirmed and explored included : cyanite, silex , quartz , xanthoconite, others that need proving up and exploring included : mica, phosphorite, diamond, rutile, crude oil, kalium ore, etc

  2. Effect of applying the nitrogen phosphate kalium on nutrient condition and yield of chestnut plant

  3. Determination of the content of kalium and natrium in common root vegetables by the flame atomic emission spectrophtometry

  4. This paper analyzed the effects of some factors on protein contents of high - gluten wheat, which are nitrogen, phosphor, kalium, organic, fertilizer, irrigation, and resistance of disease and insect ; and put forward some essential cultivation measures

  5. The alterration of driness and wetness in soil was not frequenty. kalium, phosphorus and nitrogen content were comparatively rich and would n ' t change much in four seasons. among the tatol of soil bacteria, the summer ' s bacteria quantity was the most