kamerun mon pays中文意思是什麼

kamerun mon pays解釋

  • mon: n. (pl. Mon(s))1. 孟族人〈緬甸仰光東部的一個少數民族〉。2. 孟族語。n. 〈Scot. , North Eng. 〉 man 的變體。
  • pays: 國名,隊名

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  1. He always pays us by bank money order

  2. This problem is talking trade of the price when calculate possibly go in to ask the bargainor pays income tax commonly, but can plan into trade valence ( proper privilege ), trade the buyer after price has talked can hand in again when dealing with relevant formalities

    這個問題在談交易價格的時就可能算進去一般要求賣方交所得稅,但可以計入交易價(適當優惠) ,交易價談好后買方在辦理相關手續時可以再交的!
  3. But one breakout - - one breakout pays for everything

    但是一支成功- -一支成功就能補償所有的
  4. " mon, where ' s the burger i ' ve not finished ?

    「媽媽,我沒吃完的漢堡在哪裡? 」
  5. Sharpless, guided by goro, pays a visit to butterfly.