kaoline slip中文意思是什麼

kaoline slip解釋

  • kaoline: n. 高嶺土,瓷土 (= china clay)。
  • slip: SLIP =Serial Line Internet [Interface]Protocol 【計算機】串線網際協議。vi (slipped 〈古語〉 sli...

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  1. Repair of the slip ring on the alternator rotor

  2. Amy held her tongue, but used her eyes, and saw meg slip a fan into her pocket.

  3. Analysis and improvement on the plunger lever ' s slip from the oil cylinder of the bascule door ' s actuator on 100t landing craft

  4. Cash credit slip

  5. I gave due inward applause to every object, and then i remembered how old earnshaw used to come in when all was tidied, and call me a cant lass, and slip a shilling into my hand as a christmas box ; and from that i went on to think of his fondness for heathcliff, and his dread lest he should suffer neglect after death had removed him ; and that naturally led me to consider the poor lad s situation now, and from singing i changed my mind to crying