kasba des oudaia中文意思是什麼

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  1. The three des grassins had their adherents too, their cousins and their trusty allies.

  2. By courtesy of the musees royaux des beaux - arts, brussels ; photograph, photo saskia, north amherst, mass

    約爾丹斯《國王飲酒》 ( 1638 ) ,油畫;現藏布魯塞爾皇家美術博物館。
  3. Institut international des brevets

  4. L - pgds expression was dramatically reduced in all of the rat epididymal regions after castration, which could be restored to control levels by testosterone propionate supplementation. des selectively eliminated mature leydig cells from rat testicular interstitium

    大鼠睪丸切除后, l - pgdsmrna和蛋白在附睪各段的表達隨手術后時間的增加而逐漸降低,睪酮處理可使其表達恢復。
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