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  • kelly: n. 凱利〈姓氏,男子名〉。
  • driver: n 1 驅逐者,驅趕者;(火車的)司機;(汽車等的)駕駛員;趕馬車者。2 【機械工程】傳動輪,主動輪;...

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  1. Because the introduced aeroboat is only one, maintenance become very difficult in case of the lack of spare part, to the worst result in stopping flying, bring the money lose of customers, furthermore, the taking off or landing of such driver carring aeroboat needs the airport and the number of the small type airport in our country is not more and it is very difficult to hire the

  2. The study of the vortex loss of the magnetic airproof driver

  3. Bah ! how would a bus driver ever get

  4. L work for kelly robinson. - there was bns agent on your jet

    我為kelly robinson工作-你的飛機上有個bns的特工
  5. The private car driver was arrested after he was breathalysed and found to have over the prescribed limit