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  • key: n 1 鑰匙。2 要害,關口,要沖。3 關鍵,線索,秘訣;解法。4 (外國書的)直譯本,圖例,題解,圖解,...
  • power: n 1 力,力量;能力;體力,精力;(生理)機能;〈常 pl 〉才能。2 勢力,權力,權限;威力;政權;權...

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  1. If one can say criminal trial is the center of criminal procedure, then one should say who should have adjudicative power is the key issue of criminal trial

  2. Politics is a game taking the distributing public power as a key content ; the essential difference between political theory and political philosophy is that the political theory studies the running laws of power games, but the political philosophy studies the legitimacy of games laws of public power ; a tradition of justice in classical western political philosophy has been shaped, the tradition of tiandao in classical chinese political philosophy is corresponding to it

  3. Appling closed loop control strategy in the power factor dynamic compensation system. then the key techniques, for example, the fashion of real time sampling idle current and the fashion of compensation capacitor connected with, the time when the compensation capacitor are thrown up, are researched

  4. A great deal of researches and experiences has shown that it is technology progress that is the key power to promote the sustained economic increase

  5. Yugoslavia ' s new president bolstered his grip on power tuesday by winning key power - sharing concessions from serbia and acknowledged for the first time that yugoslav forces committed widespread killings in kosovo last year