kidneyleaf quaking aspen中文意思是什麼

kidneyleaf quaking aspen解釋

  • quaking: 白揚
  • aspen: n 【植物;植物學】白楊樹;歐洲山楊。 the Chinese aspen 響葉楊。 tremble like an aspen leaf 颼颼颼...

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  1. Seed of birch flies from the time of seed maturity in july until the following spring, but aspen seed only during a short period in summer.

  2. Um. . they ' re in aspen for an economics conference

  3. But you know if they do catch meand you too with your chivalrous sentimentsit will just be the samethe nearest aspen - tree. he paused

    要是真被捉了去,你和我連同你那騎士風度,都會給吊到白楊樹上。 」他頓了一頓。
  4. A sense of humor may take various forms and laughter may be anything from a refined tinkle to an earth quaking roar

  5. He has performed with many of today s leading artists including sarah chang and hilary hahn. koenig has appeared at many festivals including aspen and ravinia and is frequently heard on radio and television