kilimanjaro hotel中文意思是什麼

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  • kilimanjaro: Kilimanjaro , Mount 吉力馬扎羅山〈非洲最高峰,高19,321英尺〉。
  • hotel: 通訊中代表h的詞。n 旅館,旅社。 a(n) hotel car 〈美國〉帶餐車的臥車。 American plan hotel美國式...

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  1. There was a muddle over our hotel accommodation.

  2. Jun 27th, violinist anne - sophie mutter and her piano - accompanist lambert orkis ' held beijing press conference at the peninsula hotel

    京城十余家電視及平面媒體到場,包括《北京青年報》 《北京晨報》 《北京晚報》 《中國日報》 《京華時報》 《新京報》和《北京日報》等。
  3. The campus has its hall, library, lecture theatres, laboratories, computer rooms, workshops, chinese - style and western - style training kitchens and restaurants, hotel training guestroom, front office simulation unit, accommodation training unit, centre for independent language learning, jockey club student centre, as well as sports and recreational facilities

  4. The hotel has the finest location for viewing lake ashinoko below. all the guest rooms have this view, as well as private open - air baths

  5. From the girl who walked into my life at the algonquin hotel five years before