king air中文意思是什麼

king air解釋

  • king: n 1 王,國王,君主 (opp subject); (部落的)首領,魁首。2 (某界)巨子,…大王。3 王一樣的東西。...
  • air: n 1 空氣,大氣。2 天空,空中。3 微風,和風。4 態度,樣子,風度,氣派;〈pl 〉高傲的架子。5 傳播,...

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  2. If there is no vent - pipe, the most mirage and muddy air that given out by bath king will stay on the ceiling of bath room, and air pressure has not decreased yet, so fresh air can not enter in sufficiently

  3. Who is this king, but a king of air

  4. This toast, recalling at once the patient exile of hartwell and the peace - loving king of france, excited universal enthusiasm ; glasses were elevated in the air l anglais, and the ladies, snatching their bouquets from their fair bosoms, strewed the table with their floral treasures. in a word, an almost poetical fervor prevailed

  5. Now a chief experimental officer, christina has undertaken a variety of jobs at different levels during her 25 years with the hong kong observatory. these include assistant forecaster in the central forecasting office, officer in charge of the upper air station and the radiation laboratory at king s park, and aviation forecaster at the airport meteorological office