kitu island中文意思是什麼

kitu island解釋

  • kitu: 基圖
  • island: n 1 島,島嶼。2 島狀物;孤立的地區;孤立的組織。3 【造船】航空母艦或船隻的上層建築〈如艦橋、艦臺...

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  2. Some time ago, an interesting discovery was made by archaeologists on the aegean island of kea.

  3. Police will implement special traffic arrangements to facilitate the staging of the french aerobatic display on wednesday ( october 20 ) on the south side of the hong kong island

  4. Before our crew takes off here from hickam air force base and heads to whidbey island naval air station, we wanted to give you an opportunity to hear a few words from mission commander, lt. shane osborn

  5. The speech at the naval air station north island here was the president ' s third address about iraq or the war on terrorism in less than two weeks, part of an intensified effort to allay the fears of a public that has become increasingly skeptical about his iraq policies