knavish and violent中文意思是什麼

knavish and violent解釋

  • knavish: adj. 無賴的;騙人的;奸詐的。adv. -ly ,-ness n.
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • violent: adj. 1. (風、爆炸等)猛烈的,狂暴的。2. (話等)熱烈的,激烈的。3. 厲害的,極端的;(病等)劇烈的。4. 強暴的,暴虐的。5. (死等)暴力(造成)的;非自然的。adv. -ly

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  1. Aiming at permanent brushless dc motor in mini - bev ( battery electric vehicle ) with torque ripple and violent noise during low speed running, the fuzzy control method is combined with slide mode control method to suppress the influence due to un - modeling parameters, and to ensure the robustness in the process of reaching slide mode plane

  2. Owing to complicated earth ' s surface condition such as the steep stratum outcropping of front - zone of mountain or the huge thick gravel stratum ' s overlay and earth ' s surface large undulation, complicated underground geology structure developed extremely such as thrust and overthrust nappe, and violent change of the lateral velocity, etc. in front - zone of mountain there are a series of problems such as serious secondary disturbance and low signal - to - noise ratio in seismic exploration gathering

  3. Along with the tide of whole - world economy rolling up the world as well as the swift and violent development of transnational corporations and joint ventures, the problem of managing across - culture is subjected to the proper high opinion of people one by one, and becomes new trend and the forward position to the development of administration

  4. In view of increasingly frequent and violent clashes between the media and judicature, to harmonize the relationship between the media and judicature has grown to be an urgent problem in both theory and practice so that a composite force is formed to push forward social justice and fairness

  5. Ironhide : why are we fighting to save the humans ? they ' re a primitive and violent race