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  • knock: vt 1 敲,打,擊;敲掉,去掉。2 使碰撞;撞倒;鑿打(洞等)。3 〈英俚〉使震驚,給…強烈印象。4 〈美...
  • limited: adj 1 有限的,有限制的;【政治學】(君主權力)受憲法限制的。2 〈美國〉乘客名額有限制的,速度快的...
  • performance: n. 1. 執行,實行,履行;完成;實現;償還。2. 行為,動作,行動;工作。3. 性能;特性。4. 功績;成績。5. 演奏;彈奏;演出;(馴獸等的)表演;把戲。6. 【物理學】演績。

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  1. The scope of cancellation right is limited to the extent of the obligee ' s right to performance

  2. The crown dragon network science and technology limited company has a high quality the technical team, condensed the member which as soon as the endorsing industry kind young, has the vigor, they have the outstanding performance in respective position as well as the rich actual combat experience, has the charm is their creativity and the offer spirit. " with the perfect technical service, satisfies the customer to request " is our management idea ; the company by the unremitting endeavor, a higher goal requests throughout oneself, while consummates own management pattern unceasingly and sharpens the technical research and development ability, promotes the chinese internet enterprise development. the company hosts hit the hypothesized main engine, the system development, the main engine are entrusted with entire, machine rent, the domain name registration, the homepage manufacture, the enterprise post office, the website application, the promotion and so on the basic network service, for individual, the enterprise and so on each kind of organization provides the consummation the service

  3. Fun fun show 01, organised by animation international limited, features a range of activities including japanese cartoon character live show, games, sales and artistes performance for children and families

  4. However, as the digital tv market has not yet matured, shipments of such digital products, for house brands as well as odm brands, were limited and made no significant contribution to group performance

  5. The performance and residual capacity enable it to be used even in situations typically limited to diesel forklifts