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  • knop: n. 1. (門上的)圓形把手;扣子,拉手。2. 【建築】蕾形飾,頂華。3. (樹乾等的)節,花芽。
  • solution: n. 1. 溶解;溶液,溶體,溶劑。2. (補輪胎用的)橡膠水;〈美國〉藥水。3. 解決,解答 (of; for; to); 解釋;(數學等的)解法,解式。4. 免除,解除。5. 【醫學】消散,消退。

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  1. He was unable to find an acceptable solution.

  2. The dark purple powder color is soluble in water and solution of water and alcohol, but insoluble in oil and absolute alcohol

  3. Utilizing low denatured and defatted soybean flakers as material, a kind of functional food of soybean peptide nutrient solution which contains rich soybean peptide and little low - polysaccharide have been produced after the following production process : crushing, extracting, heat denaturing, enzyme digesting, acidifying, concocting, over - temperature sterling, canning, and so on

  4. Seasoning of solution due to usage and leaching out of photographic reaction products and emulsion addenda from the photographic element into the processing solutions also becomes a problem.

  5. The situation is very serious, therefore the paper explores the stat and the solution to the aftercare of ex - service athletes