• kt: Kt = knight (國際象棋中的)馬。kt = karat 開〈黃金成色單位〉。
  • mutter: n 咕噥 小聲低語;抱怨 怨言。vt ,vi 低聲說;咕噥 嘀咕 抱怨地說 (at; against); 發出低沉轟隆聲。 ...


  1. Jun 27th, violinist anne - sophie mutter and her piano - accompanist lambert orkis ' held beijing press conference at the peninsula hotel

    京城十余家電視及平面媒體到場,包括《北京青年報》 《北京晨報》 《北京晚報》 《中國日報》 《京華時報》 《新京報》和《北京日報》等。
  2. A double - strand cdna fragment of dh ( diapause hormone ) gene was obtained from kt - pcr amplification. the fragment was digested by two restriction enzyme nde 1 / ecor 1 and then was joined with pet - 30a ( + ) plasmid which was digested by nde 1 / ecor 1 too. then the outcome was transformed into escherichia coli bl21

    Pcr產物經nde / ecor雙酶切后,與同樣雙酶切的pet - 30a ( + )質粒連接並轉化至大腸桿菌( escherichiacoli ) bl21中,經檢測篩選,成功得到陽性克隆。
  3. The rra kt gement will contribute to cement our pleasant relationship

  4. Kt series diffusion pumps - product - longkou bite vacuum technology co., ltd

  5. Application of on - line clearance monitoring in evaluating kt v of dialysis patients