n. 名詞 【藥學】左旋天冬醋胺酸酶〈用於阻斷白血病等癌細胞生長〉。

  • l: L-beam, L-iron 不等邊角鋼。L,£= 〈拉丁語〉 libra (= pound)。
  • asparaginase: 天冬酰胺酶


  1. Conclusion acanthus ilicifolius l. has activity of antioxdant

  2. Methods the antioxidant of 75 % ethanolic extract and organic solvent extracts, water extracts and polysaccharids from acanthus ilicifolins l. was detected by flow - injection chemiluminescence, to evaluate the ability of scavenge h2o2

    方法採用流動注射化學發光法,研究該植物75 %乙醇提取物及其有機溶劑萃取分離部分、水提取物及多糖對過氧化氫( h2o2 )的清除作用。
  3. The results show that the composition of these precursors are identified to be limn2l ( ac ) 2 ( or ltmn2c10h11o11 ), in which l represents citric acid radical and ac is acetic acid radical. the sintering temperature and sintering time have remarkable effects on the microstructures of limn2o4 samples

    結果表明通過低熱固相反應法可在全固相條件下得到鋰離子與錳離子達到分子級混合水平的前驅體,其組成基本上與分子式limn _ 2c _ ( 10 ) h _ ( 11 ) o _ ( 11 )相吻合。
  4. The addressee is the advision bank, through whom the l/c is transmitted.

  5. Adiantum reniforme l. var. sinense y. x. lin, which is the second grade national protection plant, is the special plant in three gorge of yangtze river. china. at present, it faces to die out, so it is extremely necessary to research its protection biology

    荷葉鐵線蕨( adiantumreniformel . var . sinensey . x . lin )是三峽庫區特有植物,為面臨滅絕的國家二級保護植物,對其進行保護生物學方面的研究很有必要。