• l: L-beam, L-iron 不等邊角鋼。L,£= 〈拉丁語〉 libra (= pound)。
  • square: n 1 正方形,四方塊,四角;方形物。2 (方形)廣場;〈美國〉(四面都是馬路的)方陣建築;街區;(方...


  1. Then based on the analysis of the constructions of wh, go and ls sequences, the corresponding correlation properties are derived and methods of selecting subsets with good periodic mean - square cross - correlation property or aperiodic mean - square correlation property from the wh set and go sequence set whose go zone z = l are investigated. furthermore, the methods of truncating the go sequences to obtain the quasi - orthogonal ( qo ) set whose family size m is larger than the length l and the quasi - generalized - orthogonal ( qgo ) set whose size m is larger than li2z are discussed, together with the numerical results of the correlation properties

    基於這些結果,探討了如何從wh序列集和廣義正交區z = 1的go序列集中,分別按照周期互相關均方特性最優和非周期相關均方特性最優的準則選擇性能較好的序列子集;同時討論了將廣義正交序列截短來獲得準正交( qo )序列集和廣義準正交序列集( gqo )的方法,並給出了這一類序列相關特性的數值計算結果。
  2. On [ 0, w ) the square z / j of operator l { is selfadjoint if and only ifz - jis selfadjoint and bh4b * = 0

    關于常微分運算元理論的簡要概述; 2對稱運算元的基本知識; 3
  3. Pit no. 2 covering 6, 000 square meters and containing 1, 400 figurines, consists of four small formations arranged in an l shape

  4. The spatial directional resolution ( sdr ) of the 2 - d regular arrays ( square array, circle array, l array ) was investigated in this paper by means of theoretical analyses and computer simulations

    摘要利用理論分析和計算機模擬相結合的方法、對三種常用的二維均勻天線陣列(方陣、圓陣、 l陣)的空間方向特性進行了深入的理論和模擬實驗研究。
  5. An objective function was introduced to determine the structure of fuzzy models. at last, we present a specific fuzzy modeling method based on modified fuzzy clustering algorithm combined with least - square estimator and l - m optimize algorithm

    根據模糊建模的實際需要,提出了一種改進的模糊聚類演算法,並結合最小二乘和l - m優化演算法,給出了模糊建模的具體實現方法。