音標 ['leibl]
n. 名詞 1. 紙條,貼條,標簽,簽條。
2. 稱號,綽號。
3. 標記,符號。
4. (字典中用的)說明性略語。
5. (有膠水的)郵票[印花稅票]。
6. 【建築】披水石。
7. 〈古語〉布條,帶子;封文件的絲帶。
vt. 及物動詞 (〈英國〉 -ll- )1. 貼標簽于,用簽條標明。
2. 把…叫做,把…列為。
3. (用放射性同位素)使(元素或原子)示蹤;(用示蹤原子)使(化合物等)示蹤。


    1. To display ampersands in a label control, set the

      若要在標簽控制項中顯示「 & 」符,請將
    2. No freedom of speech as a label on singapore is an anachronism in this era of internet

      在這網際網路時代, 「抑制言論」這個標簽顯得與時代氣息格格不入。
    3. 1 label to be issued to each resident appointee for use by his her family members

    4. No, as i said before, i don t want people to label me as a " black comedy director "

    5. If a successful applicant wishes to enter hong kong under admission scheme for mainland talents and professionals, he she must follow the above entry arrangement see a8 above and affix the entry permit label onto a blank endorsement page of the exit - entry permit for travelling to and from hong kong and macau instead of the prc passport

      我現時持有《因公往來香港澳門特別行政區通行證》在港工作。若我獲準通過輸入內地人才計劃來港工作,可否使用該通行證而無需返回內地另行申請《往來港澳通行證》 ?