labiate corolla中文意思是什麼

labiate corolla解釋

  • labiate: adj. 1. 唇形的。2. 【植物;植物學】唇形科的。3. 【動物;動物學】有唇形物的。n. 【植物;植物學】唇形科植物。
  • corolla: n. 【植物;植物學】花冠。
  1. Flowers solitary in axils of leaves ; corolla nearly rotate, 2 - 3 cm long, white or pinkish, the upper lobes tinged with purplish blue blotches inside ; stamens 5 ; ovary ovoid, covered with short stipitate glandular hairs

    花單生於葉腋;花冠近輻狀,長2 - 3厘米, 5裂,白色或帶粉紅色,上部裂片內有紫藍色斑;雄蕊5 ;子房被具短柄的腺毛,卵圓形。
  2. The resemblance of families such as the verbenaceae and labiate is the result of evolutionary convergence.

  3. Sometimes remnants of the corolla may also be present when the fruit is mature.

  4. The often differently colored center of the corolla of some flowers

  5. When is came to helping my mom purchase a new automobile i suggested only 2 cars ; a 2004 toyota corolla or a 2004 honda civic

    當我幫媽媽買新車時,我只推薦了2部車: 2004豐田花冠和2004本田思域。