laboratory school中文意思是什麼

laboratory school解釋

  • laboratory: n. 1. 實驗室,化驗室,研究室。2. 爐房。3. 化學工廠;藥廠。4. 實驗課。
  • school: n 1 學校;〈美國〉(大學的)學部,學院;學系;校舍;講堂,教室。2 研究所,訓練所,養成所。3 〈不...
  1. Clerical staff, school workmen, laboratory staff etc

  2. Aiming at the conveying - alcohol pipe system of a certin model gas generator in our school rocket engine field laboratory, this paper does a series of simulation studies using amesim, analyses and summarizes the results of simulations, and at the same time implements some waterhammer experiments, and compares the results with the ones of simulations

  3. National laboratory on local fiber - optic communication networks advanced optical communication systems, school of electronics engineering and computer science, peking university, beijing, 100871

    北京大學信息科學技術學院,區域光纖通信網與新型光通信系統國家重點實驗室,北京, 100871
  4. He also completed the executive development program at kellog school of management, northwestern university in 1995. his research career started at stanford information systems laboratory he was a research associate from 1976 to 1979 where he conducted research on signal processing and distributed sensors networks, a project that was funded by arpa as part of the early efforts towards the building of the internet

    李大力博士的研究生涯始於史丹福資訊系統研究室,在1976年至1979年期間,出任訊號處理及分散感應器網路的副研究員,該項研究項目獲美國國防部高級研究計劃局( arpa )撥款資助,為日後的網際網路的先驅工作。
  5. The school has a large biological laboratory