音標 ['leibərə]
n. 名詞 工人;勞工,勞動者。
a free laborer 自由勞動者。
a hired farm laborer 雇農。
a long-term laborer 長工。
a seasonal laborer 短工。


    1. It took 20 years of labor for an antebellum american slave to repay his or her purchase price and maintenance costs ; today it takes two years for a bonded laborer in south asia to do the same

    2. Look at jimmy bradock, down to being a day laborer.

    3. Look at jimmy bradock, down to being a day laborer

    4. Very apparent, award is the working circumstance that is aimed at laborer one year end of the year and extending bonus, so this part of laborer incumbency award ought to extend end of the year laborer

    5. Process of labor dispute mediation is when showing unit of choose and employ persons and laborer produce labor dispute, organization of mediation of dispute of regional perhaps labor files party one party or committee of mediation of dispute of labor of industry of double direction legal mediation, industry labor dispute mediates committee or regional mediation organization is mixed according to labor law law, code company rules and labor contract put forward to mediate an opinion for the basis, make party both sides reach intercessory agreement, fulfill the summation that mediates a series of mediation activities such as the agreement self - consciously