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  • labyrinth: n. 1. 迷宮,曲徑。2. (事件等的)錯綜復雜,糾紛;曲折;難事。3. 【解剖學】(內耳的)迷路。
  • packing: n 1 包裝,打包,打行李,包紮;包裝材料,包裝用品;包裝法。2 (縫隙)填料〈舊棉絮等〉。3 〈美國〉...
  • edge: n 1 刀口,(刀)刃;鋒;端;銳利。2 邊,棱,邊緣,邊界,界線,界限。3 優勢,優越條件。4 (聲調、...

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  1. If the washing machine tubs were chipped or damaged, then the abrasive damage to the cuff edge was greatly increased.

  2. The sedimentation is the foundation, affecting the basic pattern of the reservoir, and the sedimentary facies zones beneficial to the formation and evolution of the reservoir includes platform edge bank facies, introplatform point beach facies and acclivity sedimentary facies, etc. ; the diagenesis is the key factor, determining the pattern and scope of the final distribution of the reservoir and being of great influence on reservoir structure, and the diagenesis of promoting the formation of storage rooms is mainly the dissolution occurred during hypergene stage and burial stage ; and the tectonism is the condition of influencing the connectivity among various reservoir bodies and among the storage rooms within a single reservoir body

  3. Presumably, both economies would have fertile soil, agronomists, refrigerated packing plants and ports

  4. In order to achieve the track of process trace, this article develops research in four aspects : establishing a graph collection system based on pci bus. quilting process track is from the edge of cloth figure ( airscape ) which is chosen as vector by users

  5. Machines in this series are suitable for opposite folding and edge sealing of pe coil materials of feminine napkins, packing bags, etc. auto error correction of material placing, magnetic powder control of reeling and unreeling, constant temperature hot knife, sold and smooth edge sealing