lachrymal syringe中文意思是什麼

lachrymal syringe解釋

  • lachrymal: adj. 淚的;滿是淚水的;泌淚的。 n. 〈pl. 〉 淚腺。
  • syringe: n. 注射器;水槍,注水器;注油器;洗滌器;灌腸器。 a hypodermic syringe 皮下注射器。vt. 注射;(用注水器)灌溉,澆(草木等);洗滌。

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  2. Abstract : the concept of digital initiation technique and micro pyrotechnics is described, and micro - electromechanical system, microthruster pro pulsion system, miniaturized explosive train and non invasive syringe are demonst rated

  3. In order to decrease the particle pollution during drug preparation for infusion or intramuscular injection, a disposable filter for liquid drug was developed in reference to the designing of syringe terminal filter

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