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  • lady: n 1 貴婦;淑女。2 〈L 〉夫人,小姐〈英國擁有某些爵位的貴族妻女的尊稱〉。3 〈常 pl 〉女士(們)〈...
  • death: n 1 死,死亡。2 死狀,死法;慘死;死因。3 褫奪公權。4 死刑。5 絕滅,消滅。6 謀殺;慘案。7 〈古語...

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  1. Death case caused by abruption of thyroid cartilage and cricoid cartilage after hitting angle iron

  2. Immediately following the news of madame chiang ' s death, international media, including cnn made extensive coverage about this famous first lady

  3. Ah, maternal love is a great virtue, a powerful motive - so powerful that it excuses a multitude of things, even if, after duncan s death, lady macbeth had been at all pricked by her conscience.

    啊,母愛是一個大美德,一個強烈的動機,它是如此的強烈,以致於它可以使人做出許多事情來而心中卻能坦然無愧,所以在鄧肯死後,麥克白斯夫人失去了良心的慰藉,就萬分痛苦了。 」
  4. Othello entered the chamber, full of the black purpose which he had meditated of putting his lady to death.

  5. A new book is out called " embraced by the light, " and it s about a near - death experience that a lady had some years ago