lag of culmination中文意思是什麼

lag of culmination解釋

  • lag: vi ( gg )1 延遲,逗留,落後;慢條斯理地走。2 未充分發展。3 【電學】滯后。4 慢慢地減少,變弱,鬆...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • culmination: n. 1. 頂點,極點,極度。2. 最高潮;極盛期,絕頂;成就,完成。3. 【天文學】中天。

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  1. There exist the following main problems in china : 1. insufficiency of guidance and support from macro policies ; 2. ill - functioning mechanism of competition in the market because of the separated market, which results from setup of test institutions according to districts. 3. lag of laws and regulations, and disaccord between some policies ; 4. lack of competitiveness for low complex strength and technology level of test institutions

  2. It is important for china to better understand the time lag of monetary policy, to use forward - looking monetary policy like frb, to find sensitive leading indicators, to catch the macroecnomy turning point timely, and to avoid economy fluctuation when something doesn " t prepare well

    充分認識貨幣政策效應的時滯問題,借鑒美聯儲運用防微杜漸、先發制人的前瞻性策略,尋求敏感性較好的先行指標,及時把握宏觀經濟的轉折點,避免「臨陣磨刀」使經濟出現劇烈的波動或「大震」 。
  3. The feedbacks of position, velocity, acceleration and dynamic pressure were applied to adjust the model, so the control system of single jar electrodraulic servo mechanism was built. to reduce the system error and interference error, the compound control was designed. the results of simulations showed that the magnitude attenuation and phase lag of the system come to the project demand

  4. The secord part describes the present primary situations of administrative litigations ad defendant is public security agency. the following four points are plaled emprasis on concluding the abnormd withdrawl of cases, the avoidarce of administrative litigation in the name of criminal litigation, the lag of the legis lation of administrative laws and the ambiguity of prof responsibility and soon

  5. A time lag of about a year is not uncommon. you should seek advice from your dentist if you have any queries. participants of the school dental care service can consult the dental staff