laiying yuan中文意思是什麼

laiying yuan解釋

  • yuan: n. 〈sing. , pl. 〉元〈中國的貨幣單位〉。

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  3. On may 11, 2007, mostly the company gets land of peaceful sea county to pat with contest of 280 million yuan of total prices again [ 2007 ] 3 date plot, this plot is located in start sea route east, south highway of edge hainan line, cover an area of 83 mus, the core that is county of prospective peaceful sea develops area, and be located in the city zone to make aperient benefit region, make progress prospective cbd of place

    2007年5月11日,大都公司又以2 . 8億元總價競得寧海縣國土拍[ 2007 ] 3號地塊,該地塊位於興海路東、沿海南線公路南,佔地83畝,是未來寧海縣城的核心發展區域,且位於城區交通便利地區,將發展成為當地的未來cbd 。
  4. One mechanical company acts as agent at the same time east calm sb ' s anger of the compressor of card of many domestic and international famous mouth, fluid uses yuan of parts of an apparatus, decelerate machine and a replacement, have heavy equipment and fittings, acting industry pump, force plunger pump, balata, valve and pipe fitting, line oiler, undertake in enlarging operation ceaselessly multivariate acting development, execute for broad user all - around stereo service ; lukewarm city person is receiving sincere letter fairness, price the company article of creed or faith of satisfaction of diversity of reasonable, breed, excellent service, user, enter in all hand in hand in new century with broad user, achieve in all brilliant

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