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富貴狂花 簡裝 袋裝

  • lamb: n 1 拉姆〈姓氏〉。2 Charles Lamb 查爾斯蘭姆〈1775 1834,英國散文家,批評家〉。n 1 羔羊,小羊;小...
  • killer: n 1 殺人者,凶手。2 逆戟鯨(=killerwhale)。3 殺死…的藥劑[東西],宰殺的器具。4 〈口語〉迷人的人[...

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  1. Within the hardened carapace beats the heart of a remorseless killer

  2. Tell em at hwome that i should like for supper, - well, lamb s fry if they can get it ; and if they can t, black - pot ; and if they can t get that, well, chitterlings will do

    「告訴我家裡人,晚飯我想吃好吧,要是有羊雜碎,我就吃油煎羊雜碎要是沒有羊雜碎,我就吃血腸要是沒有血腸,好吧,我就將就著吃小腸吧。 」
  3. The five ingredients, diazepam, chlorpheniramine, morphine, codeine and clenbuterol are prescription - only drugs and they should only be used under medical supervision. diazepam is a tranquilizer, chlorpheniramine is used to relief allergy, morphine is a pain killer, codeine is a cough suppressant and clenbuterol is used to relief asthma

  4. N : i ' ll go and get you some cough mixture ( a sleeping pill, a laxative, a tranquilizer, a pain - killer )

  5. Danny lee - who was to find even greater fame in such classics as john woo s the killer, liu chia - liang s tiger on the beat 2, and his self - directed true crime thrillers dr. lamb - wisely chooses not to try an impersonation of bruce