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  1. Mutation analysis of gjb2 gene in keratitis ichthyosis deafness syndrome

  2. Procedures such as epithelial sheet transplants, deep lamellar keratoplasty and endothelial lamellar keratoplasty are already in clinical practice and further technological refinements are sure to continue to improve predictability and success rates

  3. An ommatidium is composed of cornea, two corneagenous cells, four cone cells, eight retinular cells, rhabdom, distal pigment cells, distal and proximal reflecting pigment cells, in blue, red and in full bright light conditions, compound eyes exhibit obvious characters the disarrangement of microvilli in the rhabdom, the increased number of lamellar bodies, distal and proximal pigment granules covering the crystalline cone and rhabdom to prevent hard light damaging the ommatidia

    現將我們的研究結果報道如下:日本沼蝦復眼屬于反射型重疊像眼,每一小眼由角膜,成角膜細胞( 2個) ,晶錐細胞( 4個) ,小網膜細胞( 8個)及其形成的感桿束和遠端色素細胞、遠端反光色素細胞、近端反光色素細胞組成。小眼角膜長方形,小眼密度為512個mm ~ 2 。
  4. The result is a patchwork mosaic of bone without an even lamellar structure

  5. The results showed that the fine structure of the photoreceptor, the diameter of rhabdom, the dimension of perirhabdom vacuole, the number of pinocytotic vesicle below the microsvilli, the location of pigment granules, the emergence of lamellar bodies and lysosomes in cytoplasm, were different in light and dark adaptation