landing climb中文意思是什麼

landing climb解釋

  • landing: n. 1. 登陸;著陸,降落;下車。 2. 登陸處;(飛機)著陸地;碼頭;(車站的)月臺。3. 【建築】樓梯平臺;梯臺;【林業】集材場,貯木場;【礦物】裝卸臺。4. 【無線電】(電子的)沉陷,沉澱。
  • climb: vi 1 攀登,爬上;(太陽等)徐徐上升;(飛機)爬高;(植物)攀緣向上。2 向上爬,鉆營。3 (物價)上...

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  1. From 1980 to 1996, the amount of accident jet plan and turbine aerotransport which taking off weight exceed 5700kg all over the world is 621 times. in which there were 287 times wretched accident in the approach and landing phase, occupying 46 percent

    從1980年至1996年,全世界最大起飛重量5700公斤以上的噴氣式和渦輪螺旋漿運輸機發生重大死亡事故621起,其中發生在進近著陸階段的重大死亡事故287起,佔46 。
  2. Unmanned air vehicle ' s navigation and automatic accurate landing in all weather basd on infrared laser scan and computer vision

  3. Modern alpinists try to climb mountains by a route that will give them good sport.

  4. Modern alpinists try to climb mountains by a route which will give them good sport, and the more difficult it is, the more highly it is regarded

  5. If if the patient is ok, so oneself ambulate, so it is good the armrest consolidate of stair to be about, and board of every a flight of stairs wants a shop to have prevent slippery establishment, such not only good climb, and the patient also can prop up building of climb down of floor place type to come with limb