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  • landing: n. 1. 登陸;著陸,降落;下車。 2. 登陸處;(飛機)著陸地;碼頭;(車站的)月臺。3. 【建築】樓梯平臺;梯臺;【林業】集材場,貯木場;【礦物】裝卸臺。4. 【無線電】(電子的)沉陷,沉澱。
  • craft: n 1 〈古語〉技巧,手腕;鬼聰明,詭計。2 技術,技能,手藝;手工業;工藝;(需要特殊技能的)專業,...
  • repair: n 1 (房屋、衣服等的)修理,修補;〈pl 〉修理工作。2 (健康等的)恢復;(錯誤等的)改正,訂正,矯...
  • shi: 失 師 詩 施 十 什 石 時 識 實 拾 食 史 使 始 駛 士 氏 世 市 示 式 事 侍 勢 視 試 飾 室 是 適 逝 釋 誓

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  1. Analysis and improvement on the plunger lever ' s slip from the oil cylinder of the bascule door ' s actuator on 100t landing craft

  2. Despite fears that mysterious floating debris may have damaged the exterior of the space shuttle atlantis, the craft touched down early thursday in what officials are calling a by - the - books landing. " touch down !

    盡管擔心神秘的飛行物體會破壞太空梭的外殼,機員還是于周四早上冒險進行他們按書上所稱的"接觸" 。
  3. Analysis and improvement on the reason of the rive ' s fracture at the rivet connection of the coaming and the upper deck on the 100t landing craft

  4. Another idea under consideration is sending a probe that could hop from place to place on the lunar surface by restarting its landing rockets, which could lift the craft up to 100 meters above its original landing site and move it to another spot in the crater basin to hunt for ice

  5. This central management slate, the marble, the granite, theartificial stone, the stone material craft, shi caifang the material, the article fossil, maintain the thing, the decoration repair project, the thing distribution delivers