landscape area中文意思是什麼

landscape area解釋

  • landscape: n. 1. 風景,景緻。2. 山水畫,風景畫,風景攝影。 3. 【地質學;地理學】景觀,地形。4. 眼界,前景展望。vt. 美化(自然環境等)。vi. 1. 做自然環境美化工作。2. 做庭園設計師。
  • area: n. 1. 面積;平地;地面。2. 空地;〈英國〉地下室前的空地。3. 地區,地方;〈比喻〉區域;范圍。

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  1. The grand oriental hotel dongguan modern deluxe building landscape, is the hallmark of luxurious accommodations in dalingshan dongguang, with a richtradition of platinum 5 - star exceptional service and hospitality. the grand oriental hotel covers a land area of 47, 000square meters, a building area of 80, 000square meters. for meetings, conferences and private dining, there is a comprehensive business center plus all the meeting rooms are available with complete audio visual equipment to make every function memorable and successful. accessible to roads from any point in the city, yet free of bustiling dongguans traffic snarls, itsmidway position gives it a decisive edge over other hotels, while being very near to the trade center, the preferred venue for major conventions and exhibitions, and the industrial conurbation, makes for the utmost in business convenience

    帝京國際酒店佔地面積4 . 7萬平方米,建築面積8萬餘平方米。酒店商務娛樂設施全,擁有351間符合國際高星級標準智能化的奢華商務客房,殷勤體貼的英式管家服務,令您的商務之旅備感舒適。 800個餐位的漁米之鄉中餐廳,由廣東烹飪名師親自主理,經營正宗粵菜地道莞邑小食, 「帝京三寶,鮑翅燕窩」 ,大嶺山「荔枝柴燒鵝」馳名廣東省。
  2. Application of landscape ecology theories in drainage area eia

  3. The model of vertical eco - landscape was designed according to the slope and contour line : in the top land over 25, trees were planted to form a water - conserving forest ; in the slope land between 15 and 25, peach trees were planted ; between 5 and 15, loquats trees were planted ; less than 5, special species of fruit trees, melons and vegetables were planted ; the bottom field was characterized with water area of " rice and fish ", " lotus and fish "

    其垂直生態景觀模式按坡度和等高線布置:在坡度大於25的山坡頂形成水保林木區,坡上15 25的陡坡種植桃樹,坡中5 15的斜坡種植枇杷,坡下小於5的緩坡地帶種植特種水果、瓜類及蔬菜,坡底形成「稻魚」和「藕魚」特色水域區。
  4. Longling palynoflora comprises of 86 palynomorphs belonging to 61 families, and consist of angiosperms ( 69. 0 % ), gymnosperms ( 4. 6 % ), pteridophytes ( 24. 1 % ) and algae ( 2. 3 % ). longling palynological data indicate a vertical paleovegetational landscape : humid evergreen broad - leaved forest occurred on the slopes near the deposit site, and dominant elements were castanopsis, lithocarpus, cycobalanopsis, mixed with ericaceae, anacardiaceae and sapindaceae etc, and abundant ferns grew in the forest ; the mixed coniferous / broad - leaved forest and coniferous forest distributed on the area of high elevation, dominant elements were tsuga, pinus, picea and abies

  5. Landscape area prominent personality, is the main axis of space design node ; entrance plaza, sports park plaza and the mtr to form secondary nodes