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  • laser: n 鐳射激光,受激發射光,激光;萊塞;激光器,光激射器 ( = light amplification by stimulated emis...
  • flow: vi 1 流,流動。2 (血液等)流通,循環。3 流過;川流不息;(時間)飛逝;(言語等)流暢。4 (衣服、...
  • meters: (測量流體體積的)儀表

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  1. Peak expiratory flow meters ; german version en 13826 : 2003

  2. The gaf meters the flow of gas to single or multiple burners. low pressure drop. micrometer adjustment. flanged with threaded companion flange

  3. 3. observe the binding of oligochitosan labeled with 2 - amac with macrophages under confocal laser microscope and analysis the fluorescence intensity by flow cytometer using the cell quest software

    在激光掃描共聚焦顯微鏡下觀察2 -氨基吖啶酮標記殼寡糖與巨噬細胞的結合,用流式細胞儀分析熒光強度。
  4. Vacuum, gravity flow, and other solids discharge, according pipeline flow chart meters ( pid ) equipment layout of the elevation requirements

    對真空、重力流、固體卸料等情況,一律按管道儀表流程圖( pid )的標高要求布置設備。
  5. After analyzing the present situations of flowmeters, applications of single - chip computers in flow measurement meters, and the development trends of flowmeters, we ' ve designed an advanced intelligence vortex flowmeter, which can display the results on - the - spot ( includes instantaneous flow, total flow, temperature, pressure, and surplus capacity of the cell ), communicate with the upper computers through the serial port and realize automatic copying meters

    本論文通過對現有流量計及單片機在流量檢測儀表中的應用現狀的分析,結合流量計的發展趨勢,設計了一種先進的智能渦街流量計,它能現場顯示測試結果(包括瞬時流量、累計流量、溫度、壓力、電池剩餘容量) ,並且通過串口可與上位機通訊,實現自動抄表功能。