laser-guided missile中文意思是什麼

laser-guided missile解釋

  • laser: n 鐳射激光,受激發射光,激光;萊塞;激光器,光激射器 ( = light amplification by stimulated emis...
  • guided: adj. 有領導的;制導的。
  • missile: n 投射器;飛射器[箭、炮彈等],射彈,飛彈;導彈。 an air to air (guided) missile 空對空飛彈,機...

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  1. Recent activity in the field of guided missile development has underlined the importance of self-contained automatic navigation system.

  2. Analysis of range and speed of image guided missile

  3. Hypervelocity guided missile system

  4. With the development of aerospace science, especially the appearance of high speed attack weapons such as guided missile, radar is required to not only discover and track the target in further distance but also command plane and missile to head off the target

  5. First the mechanism how the imaging guided missile works is revealed secondly the atmospheric propagation of laser beam is studied thirdly the structure and damage mechanism of irccd is analyzed, finally we utilize the dynamic generating system to simulate the cdricm

    通過對成像制導導彈工作原理的分析,激光傳輸中遇到的各種大氣效應和紅外電荷耦合器件( irccd )激光干擾機理的分析,闡明了cdircm系統干擾成像制導導彈的機理,並利用動態場景生成系統對cdircm干擾進行了模擬。