last heat of dissolution中文意思是什麼

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  • last: vi 繼續;持久,耐久,經久。 The storm will not last long 暴風雨不會持續很久。 if my health lasts ...
  • heat: n 1 熱;熱力;熱度;熱量。2 體溫;發燒。3 (氣候的)高溫,暑氣。4 【冶金】熔煉的爐次;裝爐量;一...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • dissolution: n 1 分解,分離。2 溶解(作用),融化,液化。3 (婚約等的)取消,(職務等的)解除,(法律等的)廢...

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  1. The last port of call on the african coast was in malindi.

  2. Woltzogen took his place, continuing to explain his views in french, and occasionally referring to pfuhl himself : is that not true, your excellency ? but pfuhl, as a man in the heat of the fray will belabour those of his own side, shouted angrily at his own followerat woltzogen, too

    普弗爾就像一個戰斗中殺紅眼的人一樣打起自己人來,他生氣地斥責沃爾佐根說: 「 nun ja , was soll denn da noch expliziert werden ? 」
  3. Integration heat of dissolution

  4. At the same time, experiment data of the prototype are compared with those of the conventional system and the flash - tank throttle system to test the correctness of the theory. at last, exergy of the quasi two - stage compression heat pump system coupled with ejector is analysed, such as exergy loss, exergy efficiency and exergy loss distributing, and compared with those of the flash - tank throttle system

  5. In the heat of the summer, they fall in and out of love, taste the first fruits of life s pain and sorrows, making promises that they will keep for the rest of their lives, spending a last summer before inauguration into adulthood