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  • law: n 勞〈姓氏〉。n 1 法律,法令;法典。2 法學;訴訟;司法界;律師(界),律師職務。3 (事物或科學的...
  • related: adj. 1. 所敘述的,所說的。2. 相關的,有關系的〈尤指有親戚關系的〉。3. 【音樂】和聲的。n. -ness
  • issue: n 1 出口;河口。2 結果,結局;成績。3 收獲,收益。4 頒布,發行;發行額;發行物。5 流出,(血、水...

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  1. The statistics and analysis indicates that the amount of alb and b2 - mg is closely related to the player ' s training level and their in tensity of exercise, and that it is the law that the amount in creases with the increase of intensity of exercise

    統計分析發現:尿alb , _ 2 - mg的含量與運動員的訓練水平及運動中所承受的運動強度關系密切,一般表現為含量隨強度的增加而升高的變化規律。
  2. In the matter of fact, the theory of fault not only reflects the basis of related criminal liability and the theory of criminal law. its formation and development has a close relation with its coeval historical background and cultural source

  3. Law related to buildings : advice on building and town planning applications and on building legislation

  4. Danger in criminal law, as a basic theoretical issue in normative criminal law, always attracts enough attentions from the native and foreign scholars, different theories about it are massive and disagree with each other. the phenomenon reflects that the issue is profound and the criminal theories are abundant and extensive. but the related theories are so complicated and confusing as to make troubles and confusions to judicial practice, and the condition is disadvantage to construct and develop the criminal subject

    本文通過對危險概念的相關分類的分析,提出了「理論推定的危險? ?規范性的危險」這一分類,並且在這一分類的框架之下,對未遂犯的危險、抽象危險犯的危險與具體危險犯的危險的內容與判斷構造做了簡要的分析,提出了自己的觀點。
  5. On design of case file report list in clinical study of tcm and its analysis of related issue