lead dimethyl dithiocarbamate中文意思是什麼

lead dimethyl dithiocarbamate解釋

  • lead: n 1 鉛,鉛製品。2 【航海】測鉛,測深錘,水砣。3 〈pl 〉(鋪屋頂的)鉛皮;鉛皮屋頂;【印刷】插鉛,...
  • dimethyl: 二甲基;乙烷
  • dithiocarbamate: 二硫代氨基甲酸鹽

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  1. Qualitative tests are those that are expected to lead either to more testing or to abandonment of the project.

  2. A jedi, adi gallia, is in the lead

  3. The investigation of the effect of temperature field, stress field and the adscititious physical field on the sls can lead to the systematical analysis and elimination of the disfigurements existed in the metal parts prepared by sls

  4. After military forces used the wettable powder to aerially bomb mosquitoes in the malaria - ridden pacific theater during world war ii, public health authorities took the lead

  5. It is mainly a faith or ideology with which some actor ( an individual, a group or a nation ), for the purpose of realizing some political, economic, cultural interests suppressed, driven by hatred and retaliative motivation, takes by specific and secret individual or small group unconventional extreme measures which are abrupt and unpredictable, and utilizes every means which is as harmful as possible to the opposite, and often violent enough to endanger the innocent or to massacre with malice aforethought the innocent and lead to huge social panic, to attack the opposite