leading hitter中文意思是什麼

leading hitter解釋

  • leading: n 1 鉛制覆蓋物。2 空鉛,鉛條,鉛皮。n 1 領導,指導。2 引導。adj 1 指導的,領導的。 a leading cadr...
  • hitter: n. 1. 打擊者,擊中者。2. 【機械工程】鉚釘槍。

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  1. There are several examples of a one-carbon degradation leading to aldehydes.

  2. " ameer " always regards product quality as enterprise ' s life, select the trans - corporation raw materials for use directly, for instance, the raw materials in france, germany, etc., set up perfect guarantee system of quality and service, guarantee the products to maintain the first - class quality, meet the consumption demand that is promoting constantly, guarantee the products maintain leading position in the competition

  3. Since the united states does exist and is at the leading edge of the information revolution, there is a degree of americanization at present, but it is likely to decrease over the course of the 21st century as technology spreads and local cultures modernize in their own ways

    既然美國已經存在,而且也已經在信息革命中獲得了領先地位,當前存在某種程度的美國化(就不可避免) ,但是,在21世紀,隨著科技的普及以及不同民族現代化模式的不同,美國化(的現象)也很可能會減弱
  4. On the left ( north wall ) is a door leading to a smaller antechamber where first years wait to be sorted

  5. The 4 billion price tag, leading up to an initial four - person lunar landing and spread over 13 years, represents 55 percent of what the apollo program would cost in today ' s dollars, griffin said

    按照通貨膨脹率折算,這項歷時13年之久的重返月球計劃其實只相當于當年「阿波羅」登月計劃費用的55 % ,格里芬說。