leading indicators composite中文意思是什麼

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  • leading: n 1 鉛制覆蓋物。2 空鉛,鉛條,鉛皮。n 1 領導,指導。2 引導。adj 1 指導的,領導的。 a leading cadr...
  • indicators: 指標
  • composite: adj 1 併合的,復合的,混成的,合成的,集成的。2 【建築】混合式的;【造船】鐵骨木殼的。3 【植物;...

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  1. It is important for china to better understand the time lag of monetary policy, to use forward - looking monetary policy like frb, to find sensitive leading indicators, to catch the macroecnomy turning point timely, and to avoid economy fluctuation when something doesn " t prepare well

    充分認識貨幣政策效應的時滯問題,借鑒美聯儲運用防微杜漸、先發制人的前瞻性策略,尋求敏感性較好的先行指標,及時把握宏觀經濟的轉折點,避免「臨陣磨刀」使經濟出現劇烈的波動或「大震」 。
  2. There were three reasons : ( a ) the cronbach ' s alpha coefficient for raters on the 5 criteria ranged from 0. 83 to 0. 91, which indicated that all the raters shared approximately the consistent rating procedure ; ( b ) in the multivariate generalizability theory ( mgt ), the paradigm got the composite generalizability coefficient of 0. 784, which showed the whole measure of wisdom, relative to each of the 5 criteria, was reliable ; ( c ) the pearson ' s correlation coefficients between the 5 wisdom - related criteria and the 3 positive indicators of psychological well - being ( pwb ) were mostly significant, which indicated that the conception of wisdom did test the knowledge and skills about the real life just like the pwb

    為考察柏林智慧範式的測量信度,研究分別使用經典測量理論和概化理論計算信度指標,結果得到:克朗巴赫系數在0 . 83 - 0 . 91之間,說明智慧的五個特徵維度的評分者一致性都較高;多元概化理論的d研究得出的復合g系數為0 . 784 ,說明智慧測量的整體信度也較高。對于智慧測量的效度,研究選擇具備良好信、效度的心理健康狀況量表(中國修訂版)中的三個指標? ?幸福感、願望與實際所得的符合程度、以及自尊感,作為同時效標。
  3. But this group did not always produce the index of leading economic indicators

  4. One thing that helps economists predict the future is the index of leading economic indicators

  5. Market study : gather internal and external information on specific market, benchmark study, develop market leading indicators, understand chinese market specificities, propose market segmentation and understand market decision making circuit, conduct customer satisfaction survey, defined kapci strength and weakness on specific market field