leakage tendency中文意思是什麼

leakage tendency解釋

  • leakage: n. 1. 漏,漏出。2. 泄露。3. 漏出物,漏出量。4. 【商業】漏損率;漏損量。
  • tendency: n. 1. 傾向,趨勢。2. 性情,偏好 (to; toward)。3. (話或作品等的)旨趣,意向,傾向性。

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  1. Aestheticism and its tendency in literary creation

  2. The tendency for the magnetic carriers to become aligned is completely offset by their thermal energy.

  3. There is no leakage problem at singapore s esplanade. the waterfront ambiance is quite nice

    新加坡的濱海藝術中心( esplanade )沒有漏水的問題,海旁氣氛亦不錯。
  4. Results show that : ( 1 ) for each particle size of andalusite, variation tendency of the properties of the material is generally the same : the maximum of bulk density, compressive strength and rupture strength appears in the range of 5 % - 10 % content of fiber, these properties of the material remarkably decrease as the fiber content exceed 10 % ; while at the same fiber content, the properties of the material increase with the increase of firing temperature

    結果表明: ( 1 )對于不同粒度的原料,性能變化規律大致相同:在同一燒成溫度下,體積密度、常溫耐壓強度、常溫抗折強度在5 10之間出現峰值,加入量超過10之後材料的性能明顯下降;在相同的纖維含量下,隨著燒成溫度的提高,試樣的各項性能均有所上升。
  5. They are said to be “ undersaturated. ” shallow, warm surface waters are described as “ supersaturated ” with respect to both calcite and aragonite, meaning that these minerals have no tendency to dissolve