least squares identification中文意思是什麼

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  • least: adj (little 的最高級,比較級為 less 或 lesser)1 最小的,最少的 (opp most)。2 最不重要的,地位...
  • squares: 方鋼
  • identification: n. 1. 認出,識別,鑒定,驗明(罪人正身等)。2. 【心理學】自居作用。3. 身分證。4. 【數學】黏合,同化。

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  1. The adjustment model of gps network with least squares collocation

  2. The dispersion model, with axial dispersion only was used to describe the liquid flow in the downcomer. the model parameters were fitted by the least - squares method. it was found that the curve of dispersion model fitted the experimental rtd curve well

  3. At first, this paper analyzes the factors of water - sand influencing water level of yellow river and the feasibility just using the factors of water - sand to study water level, and collects the corresponding data ; secondly, because there are strong nonlinear relation in the corresponding data, by meticulous theory analysis, this paper integrates basic nonlinear analysis method, theory of random analysis, method of least squares and so on. it puts forward a method which can get the high accuracy simulation of the data, perfects the multi - factor analysis of variable ( over three factors ) of the statistic ; thirdly, it applies the method to the approximation of corresponding water level process which belong to the capacity of sand of middle - high and middle - low, and get the high - accuracy simulation about the typical nonlinear relation ; at last, this paper definitudes the main influence mode that the capacity of sand. it mainly unite with other factors to work on the water level in the yellow river lower reaches ; mor eover, this paper analyzes the difficult point and the direction of improvement to realize the accuracy forecasting of the flood level of erodible - bed channel

  4. Using gyro measurements during periods of thruster firing, with thruster outputs, mass property identification is achieved through recursive least squares algorithms on the basis of the refined dynamics equation. the approach addresses the issue by segmenting the problem into two sub - problems which both allow closed form solution to reduce computation load

  5. A new kind of optimal selection cluster algorithm ( osca ) is presented in this paper, and a new hybrid algorithm is obtained by combining osca with least squares method and gradient algorithm. the algorithm can synchronously solve the identification problems of the new fuzzy neural network model ' s structure and parameters