leaves that are green中文意思是什麼

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  • leaves: n. leaf 的復數。
  • that: pron (pl those )1 〈指示代名詞〉(a)〈指眼前的、說過的事物或人,又指比較 this 稍微遠一點的〉那...
  • are: are1be 的第二人稱單、復數。 第一、三人稱復數現在陳述語氣。 Are you there (電話用語)喂!喂!n. 公畝〈等於100平方米〉。
  • green: adj 1 綠色的,青色的。2 未成熟的;年青的;無經驗的;易受騙的,天真的。3 未加工的;未處理過的;(...

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  1. Desmids a group of green algae of the phylum gamophyta that are basically single - celled but in some species form filamentous or irregular colonies

  2. The enterprise is one of the first enterprises that are approved by china rubber industry association as secure and green manufactures

  3. Niche breadth of four dominate populations at three age groups was studied by the methods of resource utilization ability and ratio. the result shows that : symplocos sectchuanensis is a typical gengeration species whi ch resource utilization ability is strong, and distribution is wide. meanwhile, go rdonia acuminata, castanopsis fargesis and pinus massoniana specialized at some d egree in resource utilizationm, their distribution is limited. especially, the ju venile of pinus massoniana specialized outstandingly. with the devlopment of pinu s massoniana, which is the pioneer population in mt. jinyun, the environment become s unfit to it ' s juvenile. it turns to needle and evergreen broad - leaves mixed fo r est. because the tolerance toward shading of gordonia acuminata is lower than tha t of castanopsis fargesis, gordonia acuminata will be substituted by castanopsis fargesis and other evergreen broad - leaves species are the edificators. the popul ation ' s ability of resource utilization is the inner factor of population distri bution and community succession. the distribution of light and the concentrate of nutrient ( such as n ) is the outer factors of community succession

    對縉雲山森林植被的4個優勢種群3個年齡級生態位寬度進行了研究.結果表明,川灰木利用資源的能力最強、分佈廣,為典型的泛化種.大頭茶、栲樹、馬尾松對資源的利用在一定程度上特化,分佈上有一定的局限性.馬尾松的中齡組與幼齡組特化現象十分顯著.縉雲山森林植被的先鋒種馬尾松的發展,導致環境的改變不適于其幼齡個體的生長,群落演替到針闊葉混交林階段,最後發展為以栲樹等為建群種的常綠闊葉林.種群的資源利用能力,是種群分佈與群落演替的內在原因,光因子和營養元素(如n )是群落演替的主要外部動力
  4. Chengdou wangjiang hotel is the five - star water - round garden hotel, located in the historic culture city dongyu of chengdu city, near the two - circle road and chengyu highway. the hotel takes up an area of more than 200 mu, assemble thousands of kinds of flowers and trees of masterpiece, long - term green shade is covered densely, the birds and flowers are in riotous profusion ; a waterside pavilion of pavilion, the brook is murmuring, there are top - grade villas that are set off into it even more, the natural human cultural sight enhances each other s beauty, become garden type one of the hotels the city

  5. Effect of exogenous no donor on chlorophyll of pear leaves that are infected with pnysalosproa piricola nose and fluorescence parameters