lebanese broadcasting corporation中文意思是什麼

lebanese broadcasting corporation解釋

  • lebanese: adj. 黎巴嫩的,黎巴嫩人的。n. 黎巴嫩人。
  • broadcasting: n. 1. 廣播,播音。2. 廣播業。
  • corporation: n. 1. 團體;協會,公會;法人;(市)自治體。2. 〈美國〉(股份有限)公司 (=jointstock corporation)。3. 〈口語〉(凸出的)大肚子。

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  1. During the period 1983 to 1986 he was the director drama of the singapore broadcasting corporation and between 1997 and 2000 served as vice president of the hong kong screenwriters guild

    由一九八三年至一九八六年期間,彼為新加坡廣播局戲劇處總監, ,於一九九七年至二零零零年間曾受聘于香港電影編劇家協會擔任副主席。
  2. May chidiac of the lebanese broadcasting corporation is one of the best known faces on lebanese television

  3. Other speakers included representatives from the un educational, scientific and cultural organization ( unesco ), world meteorological organization, un isdr, asian disaster reduction centre, thai meteorological department, abu as well as nhk ( japan broadcasting corporation ), japan. the theme of dr wong s presentation was on the dissemination and broadcast of weather warnings in hong kong as well as the " safer living " outreach campaign on natural disaster preparedness and reduction in hong kong

  4. Tuesday the british broadcasting corporation ( bbc ) said it had obtained a letter written in 1983 by the head of britain ' s public - health surveillance center that called for a ban on u. s. blood products due to their possible contamination with hiv virus

  5. Mr jones : ah. the british broadcasting corporation