lee siew eang (assoc prof)中文意思是什麼

lee siew eang (assoc prof)解釋

  • lee: n 1 李〈姓氏,男子名,女子名〉。2 Rober Edward Lee 羅伯特愛德華李〈1807 1870,美國南北戰爭時南軍...
  • siew: 紹
  • assoc: 阿索克
  • prof: n. 〈美俚〉=professor.

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  1. Developed by prof. lee yiu bun jack and his team at the department of information engineering of cuhk, the new technology enables mobile users to view essentially any video available on the internet anytime anywhere

  2. Prof lee siu nam, director of school of journalism and communication, cuhk

  3. Post - doc position available in prof. lee research group

  4. Prof. tsung - dao lee and the development of china ' s high energy physics

  5. He hopes subsequent similar programmes will bring further and more necessary fundings for local tertiary institutions in the future. among the donations received, there are large amount donors who each contributed hk 600, 000 or more. they include : dr thomas chen tseng - tao through si yuan foundation, dr chiang chen, drs richard charles esther yewpick lee charitable foundation, prof ip po - ting, mr timothy lam kwok, dr lau sui, dr lee shau - kee through lee shau kee foundation, mr michael leung kai - hung, dr liu lit - mo, dr luk kin - yuen, lingnan foundation, dr william mong man - wai through shun hing education and charity fund ltd, sterling foundation, mr tam kwong - lim, dr wu james - tak, sir gordon wu ying - sheung as well as the wong s family comprising dr wong bing - lai, dr abraham wong tat - chang, dr samuel wong tat - sum and dr david wong tat - kee